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The History of Victory Missionary Baptist Church

Victory Missionary Baptist Church had its beginning in the minds and hearts of several people, who for weeks, months, and even years, felt that there was a need for an enthusiastic, evangelistic work for the Lord in the Russellville area.

Individual and small group discussions led some to explore the possibility of establishing a mission. On January 25, 1990, twelve people formally met to discuss establishing a mission. They cited a common need for an energetic and progressive Missionary Baptist work. Spiritual hands were clasped together in unison at that first meeting and a mission was established.

On February 6, 1990, Bro. Ron Ballard was called to be the mission pastor for a group that totaled approximately twenty-five. Oaklawn Missionary Baptist Church voted to sponsor the work, on February 18, 1990, and Victory Missionary Baptist Mission was officially established.

On March 4, 1990, Victory Missionary Baptist Mission held its first official Sunday Morning Service, with fifty-eight in Sunday School. On April 14, 1990, an organizational service was held and Victory Missionary Baptist Mission became Victory Missionary Baptist Church. Sixty names were placed on the original charter of Victory Missionary Baptist Church.

In September of 1990, 5.67 acres of land were purchased on Reasoner Lane, where the church is now permanently located. A loan was secured for one-quarter million dollars to buy the land and construct a building. The first service in the new building was held January 27, 1991, when the church was nine months old. There were one hundred and thirty-two in Sunday School and one hundred and eighty-five in attendance in the Morning Worship Service.

As the church continued to grow, the need arose for additional classroom and fellowship space. Phase II of the building program was then completed in August of 1992. This addition added three thousand square feet of classrooms, a music room, additional fellowship space, and a new pastor's office. That same month, the church called her second pastor, Bro. Carl "Butch" Roshto.

The church anticipated there would be a need for additional space for buildings and parking. Therefore, in September of 1993, the church purchased an additional 3.7 acres of land. This gives Victory over 9 acres of land on which she can grow and expand.

Phase III of the building program was begun in 1995 and completed in 1996. This phase included remodeling of existing staff offices and refurbishing the fellowship hall. 4,000 sq. feet of additional classroom space was attached to the fellowship hall and a new kitchen was installed. This project required $125,000 and lifted our total indebtedness to $385,000.

In October 1998 Brother Roshto was called to mission work in Tuscaloosa Alabama. Our Assistant Pastor Brother Jason Horton lead the flock until we called pastor Brother Danny Fudge in November 1999. Mid 2000 we called Brother Lee Woodard to be our new Assistant Pastor / Youth Director.

Sunday January 27th 2002 was a Very Special Day at Victory. We had Pot Luck dinner after morning worship and then we reconvened in the auditorium for a State of the Church meeting followed by the burning of the Church Note to celebrate being out of debt!!!

In October 2003 Brother Josh Stacy joined us and took over the job of Youth Pastor. Brother Josh was called to pastor his own church and our own Casey Jones filled in as a Summer Youth worker the summer of 2006. Brother Gary Simmons joined the Victory family in August 2006 as our Associate Pastor to Youth..

Today, after a very successful "Together We Build" campaign, we find ourselves in our new sanctuary as Victory continues to grow! Brother Danny Fudge has been called to the mission field, rich in souls, in Omaha Nebraska and Brother Maxie Haynes served nine months as our interim pastor. In October 2010 we welcomed our new Pastor, Brother Doug Hambrick whom God had prepared to lead our flock to even greater service to Him.  In April 2011 Brother Michael Weatherford joined the Victory staff as Associate Pastor of Student Ministries.

We reflect upon Victory's beginnings to remind us of the great blessings that the Lord our God has poured out upon this fellowship. This encourages us to never, never doubt the power and presence of the Lord in both our church and individual lives. It further encourages us through the fact that the Lord stands ready, willing, and able to pour out tremendous blessings upon us as we serve Him in faith and trust.

The original goals of Victory Missionary Baptist Church were, and still are:

1) The salvation of souls.

2) To remain a spiritually united body, that lifts the body above any individual member, thereby enriching and encouraging the life of every member, simply because they are a part of that body.

3) To forever remain evangelical, energetic, and enthusiastic in the work of the Lord.


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